by Wajdi Mouawad, translated by Shelley Tepperman
Directed by Ken Gass
Starring Kyra Harper, Amy Keating, Michlle Polak & Karen Robinson
January 18 to February 2, 2014
at The Citadel (308 Parliament Street)
English Language Premiere

Julie is angry.  The Moon has taken her grandmother away in the middle of the night.  Now barricaded in the basement with her dog, Growl, Julie waits – to give Death a piece of her mind.

For audiences aged 9 to 99.

by Judith Thompson
Directed by Ken Gass
Starring Judith Thompson
May 15 to June 1, 2014
at Berkeley Street Theatre Upstairs
World Premiere

Though deliberately fictional, Watching Glory Die takes a bold dramatic leap from recent news headlines re the treatment of chronically disturbed young women in our prison system to forge the kind of visceral lyricism that is the hallmark of Judith Thompson at her most powerful.

Written and directed by George F. Walker
Starring Nancy Beatty, Jerry Franken, Michael Healy, Haley McGee, Noah Reid & Julie Stewart
May 20 to June 8, 2014
at the Panasonic Theatre
A co-production with Mirvish Productions as part of the Off-Mirvish Season
Canadian Premiere

Dean is a young ex-sniper, just back from Afghanistan, struggling to find work. His family is disintegrating before his eyes, his wife is ready to divorce him a second time, yet players on both ends of the political spectrum find Dean’s special talents oddly appealing. A killer comedy by a master playwright in top form.